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Solar Electric Panels               

Why choose solar energy?
In a world economy dominated by the need for fossil fuels, more and more people are not only demanding access to energy, but also asking for clean energy to break the cycle of dependence and save our precious resources.  Solar power systems are able to meet those individual demands for a safe, reliable and clean form of energy all over the world.


As a result of technological developments, higher demands and governmental support, the costs of providing solar energy have fallen by more than 50% over the last 10 years. That downward cost trend continues, making solar an increasingly attractive and viable choice for businesses and consumers.  Choosing solar energy means contributing to the environment by choosing clean energy, cost saving on your day-to day energy costs, and an increasingly independency from your utility supplier.


WANT AN EXCELLENT GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED PAYCHEQUE FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS?  Its Finally here!  THE F.I.T. Program will pay you $0.80 per Kilowatt Hour for power produced by roof mounted and $0.64 per Kilowatt hour for ground mounted Solar P.V. Systems.  Call For Info!!!!     This program is a limited time offer from the Ontario Government.  For the FIT details click here



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Solar Air Ventilation Panels

  Residential SOLARWALLCanadair, Montreal





Bombardier's 100,000 ft2 (10,000 m2) SOLARWALL® is the world's largest solar air heating system.

Solar Air Ventilation Systems were developed in Canada over 25 years ago and they are the most highly researched renewable energy product the Canadian government has ever undertaken.  The concept is too simple to believe.  The solar air heating system is based on a metal (aluminum or steel) cladding that is installed on the south-facing wall of a building. The system operates in a very simple manner using economical and environmentally-benign solar energy to heat buildings:Conserval make-up air system with roof fan

The Panels also reduce building heat loss during the winter. All buildings lose heat to the outdoors. On the south-facing wall, heat lost to the cavity between the metal panels and the building is captured by the incoming air and returned to the building along with the heated fresh air from the SOLARWALL®. Even at night, a SOLARWALL® acts to reduce building heat loss.

Green Hydro is a Solarwall HomeAuthorized Dealer

Key Benefits

Performance and Economics

Pricing & Panel Sizing

Power output per panel (10 ft2 / .93m2) on a sunny day is up to 500 watts of heat or 1,700 btu/hr. Use the following table for system sizing.

Home SOLAR AIR Ventilation system sizing table:





(each panel is 12ft²)*

Price Including Installation






4 panels

$ 1,800

7,800 btu/hr





6 panels

$ 2,300

11,700 btu/hr





8 panels

$ 3,000

15,600 btu/hr





10 panels

$ 3,500

19,500 btu/hr

An average house requires 0.5 air changes per hour.  For homes with heavy smokers, double the panel area and fan size.
*Smaller panel area for ventilation pre-heat,  larger panel area for ventilation and space heating.

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